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Okay, I know what general configuration, what about all of these options?

Remember that this is but your first upper, you can always get into other configurations later, as you already now will have built up your lower! You can customize your barreled upper in a few other ways, as well. Some barrels are offered with fluting which lightens the weight and dissipates heat to a small extent. Some are available as chrome lined (but accuracy isn't as good!). You might want to substitute the standard front sight base with an aluminum or steel gas block/front site base (to add a flip up front site or lights, etc). Some folks want to change the standard black stocks (or also known as ‘furniture') with OD green. You might want to do something different with the fore-end or handguard, changing it into a free float cylindrical aluminum tube, or a free floated front 4-way Picatinny rail system. You can also do the Picatinny rail in a non-free float configuration, and save a lot of money. Anything that you can substitute or upgade on a barreled upper, you can also substitute or change while ordering a "KIT".

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