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About M&A Parts, Inc.

M&A Parts uses only the finest quality chrome-moly and stainless steel blanks available to manufacture our barrels. We feel this is crucial: we won't sell-out our customers or ourselves to save $20. We proudly use both Wilson Arms Match Grade and Mike Rock Premium barrel blanks.

Our blanks are then sent to a current Military Contractor with 23 years of experience in the manufacturing of barrels, upper receivers, as well as numerous other components.

Once a barrel blank has reached the contractor it is rifled utilizing the "Button Broach" technique and forwarded to be "Stress Relieved". These procedures have been implemented to ensure that the most stringent specifications and guidelines are being met. The same meticulous care is given throughout the 5.56 NATO Chambering and Crowning processes to promote the finest accuracy and reliability. The barrels are then finished with a Magnesium Phosphate Coating adhering to Mil-Spec guidelines to prevent rust and corrosion. The highest measures of quality control are implemented to ensure no variance from barrel to barrel, or lot to lot.

LMT (Lewis Machine and Tool) also manufactures and assembles our Barreled Uppers, utilizing the same stringent guidelines to meet or exceed current Military Specifications. Our receivers are Hard Coat Black Anodized as per Mil-Spec.

In conclusion, all dimensional as well as assembling requirements are verified before each and every upper receiver is both function tested and test fired. All are then cleaned and oiled for preservation, and individually packaged.

M&A Parts, Inc. is committed to excellence. We look forward to meeting your needs for the highest quality and high value products. We set the standard that our competitors will follow.

William R. Caplan, President

M&A Parts, Inc.

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