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Are these kits difficult to assemble?

The hard part is done: the barreled upper is fully assembled and built to any of your custom specification orders. By deffinition, any USGI dimensioned part will constitute a head-spaced rifle. You're good to go. The Lower Receiver assembly process? We liken it to snapping in leggo blocks. With a bit of mechanical aptitude, it's no big deal. If you don't have a friend to ask if you get stuck, order up the inexpensive USGI manual (it is a US Marines TM 05538c-23&p/2 M16a2 manual but the full auto pieces look pretty much so the same for assembly purposes). There are some inexpensive tools that we sell that can make the stock simpler to put on, or the take down pins easier to prepare with the springs, but since the hard part (the barreled upper) is all done and ready- the rest is easy. You can see an excellent tutorial on the web at This link.

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