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IL Assault Weapons Ban

IL Assault Weapons Ban


The IL Assault Weapons Ban immediately ends the manufacture, delivery, sale, import, and purchase of assault weapons and any part or combination of parts intended to convert a firearm into an assault weapon including any combination of parts from which an assault weapon may be readily assembled if those parts are in the possession or under the control of the same person.

Allows possession and legal use of existing assault weapons by a person who possessed them before the effective date, so long as the weapon is endorsed with ISP by January 1, 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024, an endorsed weapon may only be transferred in limited situations, one being a federal firearms licensed dealer.

Large Capacity Magazines Ban (LCM)

Immediately bans the manufacture, delivery, sale, or purchase of large capacity magazines.

More than 10 round magazines for long guns

More than 15 round magazines for handguns

Unfortunately, what this all means is that we can no longer sell anything AR related to Illinois residents.

Lawsuits have been filed and hopefully we'll get a TRO soon.

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