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What's your guarantee, any specific accuracy?

We don't hear this question often, but we know it is always asked in sincerity. The short answer is: No. Sad to say, but the bottom line on any accuracy issue usaully boils down the shooter themselves. As a general rule of thumb, our uppers will shoot at 1 minute of angle at 100 yards.We've been in this business long enough to know this, but with that being said if there truely is a problem we will take care of it, most times to our detriment. We do what's right and fair, we expect the same. We've pretty well seen it all by now. We use US made parts from G.I contractors,our products work. Quite often any initial function issues encountered will evaporate after switching magazines or ammunition. (And we don't mean just trying a different box of "Ed's Ammo" brand ammunition) These are quality kits that you receive, so put them together with appropriate lower receivers, magazines and ammunition. Why build a performance car and expect it to run on 83 Octane?

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