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Magpul UBR Gen 2

The Magpul UBR GEN2 is an update to the exceptionally tough Utility/Battle Rifle stock. Like it's predecessor, the UBR GEN2 was designed from the ground up to accommodate large bore AR calibers including .308 Winchester, as well as withstand severe impacts. The included custom receiver extension is compatible with standard AR-15 carbine buffer and spring systems as well as VLTOR's A5 system, and AR-308 carbine systems. The Gen 2 retains the fixed cheek piece, providing a consistent and comfortable cheek weld in any of the eight available positions. The streamlined body features a unique multi-shell construction, creating a snag-free design that reinforces and protects critical components. The enhanced locking system utilizes dual locking pawls to maximize drop strength and shock resistance with a solid lockup providing the stability of a fixed rifle stock. The internal storage compartment at the tail of the stock can be reversed or removed per user preference, while the toe of the stock now features a rolled end to allow for easier shoulder transitions as well as a better fit when wearing armor. The Gen 2 features multiple sling attachment points including front and rear QD sling swivel cups and two footman's loops for direct sling attachment, the second accessible when the storage compartment removed. At a full five ounces less than the original, the UBR GEN2 collapsible stock is perfect whether you're wanting a solid stock for precision shooting or the ultimate close quarters rifle. Note: The UBR GEN2 does not include a buffer or buffer spring. Weight: 21.2 oz Length of Pull Collapsed: ~11.8" Length of Pull Extended: ~15.3" Mounting hardware, receiver extension, and spacer included.

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