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ELZETTA Tactical Flash light Mount with one rail

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  • ELZETTA Tactical Flash light Mount with one rail
  • ELZETTA Tactical Flash light Mount with one rail
  • ELZETTA Tactical Flash light Mount with one rail

Product Details

ZFH1500 with one picatinny rail mount elzetta

This is the El Zetta mount system (sold elesewhere on this website), but this item also includes one 2.3" Picatinny Rail. It has two holes 9/16" apart (approx) that line up with the holes on the El Zetta mount as shown in the picture. Picture shows 2 rails, you are ordering 1 rail and a mount.

What flashlights will work with the Elzetta ZFH1500? Each Elzetta ZFH1500 comes with Sizing Adapters, giving the Flashlight Holder the ability to mount flashlights from 0.7 to 1.1 inches in diameter (18 to 28 mm).

Will the Elzetta ZFH1500 hold a Laser? Yes, the Elzetta ZFH1500 can be used to mount any cylindrical accessory with an outer diameter of 0.7 to 1.1 inches (18 to 28 mm).

What material is the ZFH1500 Flashlight Holder made from? The Elzetta ZFH1500 is made from glass-filled nylon.

What are the advantages of this material? Glass-filled nylon provides outstanding durability, impact resistance, scratch resistant, and light weight. It also withstands high temperatures, vibration, and most chemicals.

How much does the Elzetta ZFH1500 weigh? The Flashlight Holder with hardware weighs only 2.8 oz (79 g).

Will attaching a sling on the front sling swivel interfere with the use of the ZFH1500? No, Elzetta designed the ZFH1500 to work in various configurations. When the flashlight is mounted rearward (with the tailcap exposed), the sling swivel (with or without a sling attached) will activate the push-button switch of the flashlight. When the flashlight is mounted with the tatilcap recessed into the ZFH1500 body, the push-button switch is protected from the sling swivel while the tailcap of the flashlight is still accessible through the skeleton hole in the ZFH1500 body.

Will the Elzetta ZFH1500 work with a heavy barrel (HBAR)? Yes, the ZFH1500 was designed around the standard HBAR and will work with any barrel diameter of 0.75 inch (19mm) or less.

Will my AR15 fit in its storage case when fitted with an Elzetta ZFH1500 Flashlight Holder? Yes, the ZFH1500's center line mounting position preserves the slim profile of the AR15 rifle, allowing storage in most gun cases.

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Elzet 1500 W/Rail
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