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Know the words!

Take a look at what is included in a "KIT"....

First, understand what the AR15/M16 is composed of.... 4 basic sub-assemblies:

1) is the LOWER Receiver, the chunk of metal with the serial number- the thing you have to obtain to assemble our M&A Lower Parts kit into. The kit will contain the LOWER PARTS set (LPK). All of the parts that go into the Lower, the lower which you provide.

2) The STOCK which includes the recoil buffer tube, the spring, the buffer itself. If it's a stock! Our 16" Carbines come standard with CAR Fiberlite 4 postion stocks, all VARmints and any 18 or 20" come with stad a2 rifle stocks.

3) The Bolt Carrier Assembly (the bolt and carrier) as well as the Charging Handle. (aka: BCA/CH)

4) The BARRELED UPPER (B/U) which includes a barrel, a gas tube and gas block, an upper (either a2 carry handle or a4 flat top - w/ ejection port door cover, fwd assist), handguard.

REMEMBER- Our descriptions are merely "starting points"- nothing is written in stone. It's easy to change out or substitute any component. Just ask.

Put these four sub assemblies together and add magazines, bullets and targets.

A "KIT" includes everything except your stripped lower receiver.

It's that simple. We hear this question about 50 times a day, and we just thought it might be a good idea to try to post it here!

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