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I wanna see pictures !

What we have for photos.... are already on the internet. We understand your desire to see pics, but consider that all of these rifles have specific features that can not be captured by just one image... remember- this object is 3" x 28".... an odd shaped thing! This means that we would have to put a close-up of the receiver, the handguard, the barrel and muzzle. More picture dramaticaly increase internet download costs, and guess who winds up paying for that? To keep it simple, we have salted our web pages with images of specific components so that you may see them up-close and individualy. Where we can, we will put in an overall photo and then add close-ups of individual components. You will see the exact same picture of the exact same barrel on any m4 configuration we show, kit or barreled upper and more! As much as the components are interchangable, so are the photos! Then we have the additional whammy of trying to show a "completed rifle", something we aren't even selling. We show close ups all over the website- of the individual components that make up ours (or any) such configuration. Lets face it- an a4 upper is an a4 upper. An M4 barrel is... well, you get the idea. You can either stitch the pictures together in your mind, or if you have-to gotta see what it will look like all put together, look at the PDF downloadable outdated catalog. All sorts of pics there. If you are looking for a specific view of our quality, understand that when we need a picture, we grab the next barreled upper off of the rack and snap the picture. When you see supermodels in a magazine, do you think they really look like that? We show reality, we sell reality. We are selling materials built to USGI dimension. It aint pretty, it aint ugly- but it is what it is. It goes bang every time and will wear well over many years of service.

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