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CHROME Lining, what's the story?

We view chrome lining from a perspective of long term experience. Sometimes it is the only way to go, but for most, this is not the case. Read on.... The military specifies chrome lining for a great reason: sheer momentum. It started with corrosive ammunition. We saw corrosive ammo only as recently as Central America (76-84), it has pretty much so gone away. The additional bogey of dealing with untrained local militia made the chroming of the bolt carrier a plus as well. They were not only easier to inspect but easier to clean in the field with limited resources, as well. Now that such ammo has disappeared, and since you're likely to often clean and lubricate the entire piece, those needs for chroming have gone by the wayside. Chrome lining means longer barrel life? The military is interested in a barrel life of over 10,000 rounds (to 14,000), which is roughly the upper life of our well maintained standard chrome-moly (CM) barrel. That's a lot of bullets. The barrels and technologies have evolved in the last few years, and the newly configured CM barrels combine the best of a standard steel barrel with the addition of chrome in its mixture. The military is thrilled with hits within the size of a dinner plate at 300 yards. As a chrome lined barrel wears, this isn't a bad average. Your shooting requires greater accuracy. Many of our buyers are Law Enforcement and these days, accuracy is paramount. Much as LE is getting away from scatterguns due to obvious collateral hit liability, is an inaccurate rifle any less of a liability? It protects the barrels, right? There is so much lubricant built into modern ammunition that the oiling of the barrel to protect it from corrosion is easily done by pulling the trigger every so often. We have seen weapons submerged in the ocean, then immediately fired and left uncleaned. The only part that didn't corrode was the inside of the barrel itself. It's an extreme example, but~ Think about it! Correct MilSpec Hard chroming is applied as a part of the rifling process.To be done properly the barrel must start out oversized, in that chrome adds a fairly thick coating, the bore of the rifle is over sized, with the understanding that the Chrome will take up that slack, making the barrel the correct and desired size. To be done correctly takes skill and money. We offer some configurations with MilSpec Hard Chrome barrel. We understand there is a use for milspec hard chrome: Full Auto M16 application.

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