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Why should I buy a "kit"... what's this all about?

Sure, you can go into any gun shop and throw down $1500 and walk out with a "lowest common denominator" AR15 Rifle. It will have the same old "custom" gee-whiz combination of features that the manufacturers might be buying as sepearte parts from our M&A Warehouse. Why not create your own "customized" AR15 by selecting just the parts you want, the features you need? The minute that a manufacturer puts the simplest part into a Lower Receiver, they have to pay (and charge you) the 11% Federal Excise Tax. If you do this simple assembly, not only do you get parts from Current Government Contract Machine Shops, but you also save the labor fee and the F.E.T. AR15's are to a specification that is written in stone. All parts are interchangable. Some guys grind the parts willy-nilly in their back shop, we get them from Current US Government Contract Houses. We make nothing ourselves, we buy the best in huge job lot quantities. We sell to the manufacturers of the rifles- those with names that you know and love. When we read on the internet "don't buy M&A Parts, get a built up AR from XYZ company"- often we laugh- as many of these respected manufacturers get their parts from us- as do most other parts houses. It's a small world in here!

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