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All of these different ways to buy what I want… it sounds confusing!

Building up an AR15 platform rifle is easier than you might think! The biggest problem you might encounter is selecting from the many variations. First, you should understand how we 'package' the various parts that make up an AR15. Sure… you could order 'One Each' of every part, but that would be time consuming, more costly, and there are assembly issues you don't want to handle. We have other options. The AR comes in two distinct ‘chunks'. The first is what is called the "Barreled Upper". That includes the upper receiver and all of the parts that are attached to it (usually for the long term, the duration of use). This would include the barrel (with a timed and head spaced barrel extension), the front sight/gas block, the sight post, the handguard, the gas tube, Delta ring, etc). A Barreled Upper does not come with a Bolt Carrier Assembly and Charging Handle- the two other pieces you would need to install a barreled upper on an operational ar15 lower receiver. Many folks simply take these two pieces out of their existing upper and easily exchange them into the new upper. You can buy one of these Barreled Uppers to snap on and off of your pre existing operational AR15… maybe you want a Varmint Upper (a long distance tack driver) to replace your 16" Carbine Upper. Different uses, different configurations. They interchange within seconds. Some folks want an additional Charging Handle and Bolt Carrier to keep with that specific upper, you can order the Barreled Upper as a "Barreled Upper Complete" and that will give you an additional bolt carrier and handle just for this upper. We offer these at a special price if you are buying a barreled upper. The other "chunk" is that pre-existing AR… it is a complete lower assembly. Now remember, we are not an FFL dealer- we do not sell stripped lower receivers, but we do have every other part you need to complete out the ‘stripped lower' that you obtain locally from a Gun Shop or Show. In the "Complete Rifle/Carbine Kit", you get your choice of Complete Barreled Upper (with charging handle and bolt carrier) as well as an AR15 Lower Parts Set and an appropriate Stock configuration to build up your stripped lower receiver. Within these main categories, you can mix, match, substitute and swap out features to your heart's content.

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